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Hi George and Duncan!

We just purchased the St. Francis 50, Guinevere, Hull number 18, at the Miami Boat Show and we couldn't be happier. Before the show, I was ready to commit to another very nice 44 catamaran and my wife, Tracy, wanted the full tour of the St Francis 50. George took us through the boat from bow to stern, port to starboard, taking the time to show us all that the boat had to offer. As we left the boat a couple of hours later to go for lunch and talk things over Tracy said, "That's our boat." "What? It's 50 feet!" I said. I worried that I wouldn't be able to handle it.

We went back after lunch and spent the rest of the day and evening on the St. Francis, getting a feel for it. George showed me the manual, a carefully put together binder that had detailed information about Guinevere and all her systems. George and Duncan agreed to let us borrow the manual overnight, with the promise (on our lives) that we would return it in the morning.

I spent the evening soaking in all of the information in the binder and the way it as put together. What a turning point. It was an amazing wealth of information. I said several times that if they put as much attention into building the boat as they did into constructing this manual, the the St. Francis 50 must be one of the best, most well-built boats in the world and their factory must be incredible. The attention to detail is second to none. Duncan and George are outstanding to work with. We have done plenty of research leading up to this purchase, and the St. Francis 50 is one of the very best sailing catamarans on the water. We've owned the boat for only a month and have only had a chance to spend twelve days on her, but already we are thrilled. The systems are easily accessible and workable. As with any new purchase, it's not without a few wrinkles here and there, but we have confidence in Duncan and George and their commitment to making sure everything is in tip top working order.

I have no worries now about my ability to handle the boat. In the twelve days I spent in George Town, I had four good sails, including a couple of excellent shake-downs with George and his son, Greg. The boat handles like a dream.

Looking forward to many wonderful adventures on our St. Francis 50! Thank you Duncan and George.

Renald and Tracy

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