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St Francis marine is an well esstablished company with over 25 years experience in the boat building industry.

Being a comparatively small boat yard (4 boats per year) with a well skilled stable and dedicated workforce we give expert attention to detail and capable of using the latest & best materials and technology. Vinylester glass infusion is now the norm with Carbon/Kevlar reinforcements where necessary.

This infusion process has saved us approximately 600kg in resin weight while producing a stronger hull with no chance of delamination or water ingress. This together with other weight savings e.g. smaller genset has saved us approximately 800kg in comparison to our older vacuum bagged system.

Not being in mass production we do customize the interiors to suite our clients' needs. All bulkheads and non-structural fittings, cupboards, shelves, etc. are glassed into the hulls & deck. This produces an extremely strong structure devoid of creeks & groans.

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