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The St Francis Fun Boat


From St Francis Marine, the manufacturers of the acclaimed St Francis 50 sailing Catamaran, comes the new Fun Boat. Our goal is to build a boat that will provide FUN for the whole family.

The unique modular layout of the boat allows the boat allows it customized to your specific needs, whether it be for river cruises, a water ferry, a runabout, or for the serious deep-sea fisherman. The possibilities are endless.

Whatever you choose, our Fun Boat will offer identical levels of construction excellence and design performance.

In order to achieve the design objective of a shallow draft, low wake boat, the hull was constructed with specific attention to detail. Rather than a plaining boat, the St Francis Fun Boat with its fine bows has been designed to gently slice through the water. A third “mini hull” creates extra buoyancy aft, allowing it to glide over shallow sandbanks.

This adaption also makes use of "surface effect", wherein a dam of air between the hulls is compressed, which translates into lift, further reducing the wetted surface area, (rather like a hovercraft). Due to this design characteristic, this craft goes faster into the wind than with it, reducing fuel consumption and providing an impressive turn of speed.

The Fun Boat is of a modular design, which makes it possible for customers to create the exact boat configuration tailored to their specific needs. It will also be possible to order different modules later in the boat’s life cycle and change it according to changing needs.

At 6.2m long by 2.3m wide there is ample space for storage, family and friends. The St Francis Fun Boat is certified to carry 12 passengers on inland waters & 6 passengers out at sea. Recommended total power is between 40HP and 150HP in  single or dual-engine installation.

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